Seventh Grade Reading

Seventh grade reading will follow the Missouri  State Standards adopted in April 2016. We will also be implementing Missouri Reading Initiative strategies this year. Some of the literature we will be working with throughout this school year are; fiction, poetry, and nonfiction in various forms. We will be using MyOn on the Chromebooks to access some of our literature. We will also be using the textbook "Collections". You can take a look at the skills that 7th grade will be using on the link below.

Seventh Grade Language Arts

Seventh grade language arts will follow the Missouri State Standards adopted in April 2016. We will start out with a quick cursive writing unit and review some grammar concepts. The types of writing we will compose this year include; personal narratives, argumentative writing, informational writing, and research. We will be journal writing throughout the year as well. You can access the skills we will be using on link below.



Click here to see all of the seventh grade ELA Missouri state standards

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